I am…

First and foremost, I am an adventurer.  Whether I am rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, or traveling to new and exciting places, I am always searching for ways to learn and discover–and maybe get a little lost along the way.

Secondly, I am a writer.  My aim is to inspire, to encourage others through my words.  I grew up enraptured by books, reading about epic adventures but not having the courage to go out and have some of my own.  Living vicariously through others gets old, which is why I do my best to provide people with the resources and knowledge that they too can be their own heroes.

When I decided to hunker down and really commit myself to freelance writing, I spent a lot of time deliberating what I should choose to specialize in. Out of everything, I kept coming back to my true passions: traveling and nature.  This is what I know and love, and this is what will continue to provide me with joy and true purpose in the future.

I continue to be committed to a career in Physical Therapy in addition to writing.  Working hard to embolden others and improve their independence continues to brighten my life, day in and day out.  Watching others succeed thanks to their own efforts, especially at something they may have originally seen as impossible, is incredibly empowering.  If they can accomplish their goals, whether short-term or lifelong, I can too.

And so can anyone, I believe, with the right mindset and a lot of hard work–which is what I strive to offer.  Whether climbing a mountain or writing copy, I work hard, I stay focused, and I accomplish my objectives.